How to Beat Blogger Burnout

Feeling Burned Out from Blogging?

Recently I found myself in a blogging slump. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get excited about sitting down to write blog posts or make Pinterest graphics or plan Instagram captions or do any of the things that bloggers need to do on a day-to-day basis.

I felt so busy and overwhelmed. But worst of all, I wasn’t enjoying blogging anymore. So I took a step back and thought about what I needed to do to beat my blogger burnout.

And I’ve decided to share my top 8 tips for beating blogger burnout with you, in case you have found yourself feeling the same way recently.

blogger burnout

Join Facebook groups for bloggers.

If you haven’t already joined some, Facebook groups for bloggers can be an amazing resource. You can connect with other bloggers and get encouragement and advice whenever you need it. It’s always nice to know other bloggers are dealing with the same things as you.

I’m such a fan of Facebook groups for bloggers that I wrote a whole post about them in case you need helping finding some to join.


Step away from some of your groups and commitments.

I know I just said that blogger groups are good. But are you already a member of 5 or more Facebook groups or Instagram pods? If so, it might be contributing to your blogger burnout. As much as I love community groups, being a member of too many can be taxing.

I have found myself wasting time scrolling through all the groups I am a part of, and getting stressed out by participating in too many threads. That’s when I decided to pare down the groups I’m a part of and focus on a select few.


Focus on one goal per month.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten stressed out as new blogger by ALL OF THE THINGS I feel like I need to be doing at all times. Writing blog posts, doing SEO, creating graphics, posting on Facebook, posting on Instagram, posting on Pinterest, building my email list, sending out emails, engaging with others, and so on.

It’s exhausting.

And if you try to focus on all of it, you will spread yourself too thin and burn out fast.

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That’s why it’s best to focus on one big goal per month and really try to master it, whether it’s growing your email list or learning how to use Pinterest or launching your first product. Blogging isn’t a race. It’s much better to build a slow but strong foundation rather than trying to master everything at once.


blogger burnout


Make a plan.

If you are feeling burnt out by blogging, you might start to neglect important tasks and feel overwhelmed.

Creating a blog plan and schedule will help you stay on top of things and focus on the big picture instead of getting overwhelmed by all the little details.

There are plenty of ways to go about this. You can use a printable blog planner (like this free one from Designer Blogs) to keep track of everything. You can use a regular planner or agenda. Or you can keep everything digital and use a tool like Google Calendar.


Streamline where possible.

Trying to find the time to do everything you need to do as a blogger can be draining.

That’s why I have worked hard to find as many ways to streamline as possible.

For example, I use Tailwind to save me hours every week on Pinterest. I like to sit down for an hour and schedule a month’s worth of pins all at once, and then I don’t have to worry about it again! I get a ton of my traffic from Pinterest, but Tailwind is basically doing the work for me.

If you haven’t already tried Tailwind, I would recommend testing it out with this free trial you can get from my link!

Another way I streamline is by using the free app UNUM to plan my Instagram feed and captions a month in advance. This saves me sooo much time and helps me to plan a consistent Instagram feed and get more followers and engagement.

You can also streamline by using Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule social media posts for you. Sit down and schedule a big batch of posts and you won’t have to worry about your Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. all the time. Both Buffer and Hootsuite offer free plans for managing up to two social media accounts!

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Finally, a way that I streamline is by using stock photos on my blog. I do love photography, but I don’t have the time or resources to constantly be taking pretty, on-brand photos for my blog.

Finding stock photo subscriptions was a lifesaver for me! One of my favorites is the Styled Stock Society.You get access to hundreds of photos at a low monthly price and you can use them on your blog, social media, etc.

blogger burnout

Remember why you started.

What’s the “why” behind your blog? If your blog doesn’t have a strong purpose, that may be part of the problem and you might want to spend some time developing an answer to the question: Why did I start my blog?

Maybe your reasons have changed or evolved over time, and that’s okay.

But focusing on a clear purpose for your blog will help to motivate you and create content and achieve goals related to that purpose!

For example, I started my blog to help other girls start their own blog and turn it into a business. Remembering my motivation inspires me to create content related to my purpose whenever I am feeling burnt out.


Attend blogging conferences

There is seriously no better way to get over your blogging burn out than attending a conference! At conferences, you can connect with likeminded bloggers, listen to successful bloggers speak, make new friends, and get inspired with new ideas for your blog!

There are tons of blogging conferences and events out there in cities across the world, many targeted towards a specific blogging niche. Go ahead and Google “Blogging conferences in my city” to see what’s coming up near you!



These are my best tips for beating blogger burnout! Do you have any others that I missed? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I sometimes get overwhelmed during periods of time where I have lots to do. I’ll sometimes change what posts (so they’re less time consuming) I have going live that week to help eliminate some of my stress. Other times, I’ll brainstorm blog post ideas, so I have lots of ideas for when I have additional time to post content.

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