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How to Get More Pinterest Followers

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase through an affiliate link.

How to get more Pinterest followers

Do you want more followers on Pinterest, but aren’t sure how? Here are my best tips for how to get more Pinterest followers!

A few months ago, I started this blog and I had ZERO followers on Pinterest. Now, Pinterest makes up more than 80% of my blog traffic, and I have over 1,000 Pinterest followers.

Pinterest is an amazing way to get traffic to your blog, even as a brand-new blogger.

Want to know how I managed to go from 0 to 1,000 followers in just a couple months? Read on for my exact tips and strategies. But first, I want to establish one important thing about Pinterest that many people don’t realize:


Pinterest followers don’t matter… that much

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, your followers on Pinterest aren’t really that important. This is because Pinterest functions as more of a “visual search engine” than a traditional social network.

Most people on Pinterest use the search bar to look for something specific (ex. “Easy Cheap Vegan Dinner Recipes”) or they scroll through their news feed, which is actually the Pinterest “Smart Feed” that displays pins from people they may not even follow.

So if you can get your pins to show up in search results or in the Smart Feed (more on how to do that in a minute) then it doesn’t really matter how many followers you have.

Of course, followers are still helpful – the more followers you have, the more likely you are to appear in people’s news feeds, and having a large following helps you establish authority as a blogger. So what can you do to get more followers on Pinterest?

Here are the steps I took to go from o to 1,000 Pinterest followers in just a few months!



Pinterest Facebook groups

This is probably the best way to get an initial few hundred followers as a new Pinterest user. Here are some groups that I recommend joining:

There are daily threads in these groups for getting followers and repins. If you participate in these threads every day for a couple weeks, you’ll see a huge jump in followers in no time.

In order to get followers who actually care about your content and aren’t just following you because they have to, make sure to say a few words about your blog and what kind of things you share on Pinterest whenever you post in these groups.

This isn’t a good long-term strategy for growing your Pinterest account, because it takes a lot of time and effort to participate in the threads every day. But like I said, it can be good for getting your first few hundred followers.

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Follow popular bloggers in your niche (and their followers)

Seek out the popular bloggers in your niche, follow them on Pinterest, and regularly repin them. You might be surprised that some of them will start to follow you back and share your content.

You can also go through their followers and follow accounts that interest you. Pinterest is not really a platform where people will tend to automatically follow you back, but I’ve found that if you follow someone and then engage with their content, they are more likely to follow you.



Optimize your account for Pinterest SEO

Remember earlier when I mentioned making your pins show up in Pinterest search results and in the Smart Feed? You can do that through Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) and it will help your pins get more exposure and bring you more followers and traffic to your blog.

Here’s what you should do to optimize your account:

  • Set up Pinterest for Business and Rich Pins if you haven’t already
  • Write a keyword-rich Pinterest bio
  • Give all your boards keyword-rich names and descriptions (you can find good keywords for your niche by using the Pinterest search bar to type in a couple words and seeing what phrases it recommends)
  • Pin high-quality, relevant content to all your boards
  • Write detailed, keyword-rich descriptions for all of your own pins

Doing all of this will help your pins appear in search results and in the Smart Feed, drive traffic to your blog, and bring you more Pinterest followers.


Join group boards

I cannot say enough about the power of Pinterest group boards. Group boards allow your content to be seen by thousands more people than just your own followers.

Let’s say you have 500 Pinterest followers, but you join a group board with 10,000 followers. Any time you pin something to that group board, it has the chance to be seen by 10,000 people! If you need some help finding group boards, I put together a list of 120+ group boards for bloggers, broken down by blogging niche.

I also have some of my own group boards for bloggers that are open for contributors!

You can also look at popular bloggers in your niche and see what group boards they are part of, and if they are open to new contributors. (It will normally say this in the board description, along with how you can apply to join.)

By joining group boards (I recommend getting on at least 15-20) you will start to see an organic growth of followers, as well as more traffic to your blog from the increased exposure.



Start your own group boards

Starting your own group boards is a great way to grow your followers. How does it help? In order to add contributors to a group board, they must be following you first or else Pinterest will not even let you send them an invite.

I would wait until you have at least 500+ followers before starting your own group boards. Once you have created the boards, you can write the rules in the board description – make sure to let people know that they have to follow you first in order to be added, and specify how they can join (sending you an email, filling out a form on your blog, etc.)

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You can advertise your group boards in Facebook groups, on your blog, to your email list, etc.


Add a Pinterest follow widget to your blog

This is a simple but often overlooked way to get more Pinterest followers. Add a Pinterest follow button to your blog – you can see that I have one in my sidebar.

I used the free AccessPress Pinterest plug-in for WordPress.


Use Tailwind to schedule pins

The more active you are on Pinterest, the more exposure and followers you will get.

I recommend using Tailwind, the Pinterest-approved scheduling tool, to schedule pins and post them to your boards all day long. The great thing about Tailwind is you can spend a few minutes queueing up a bunch of pins, and then you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week/month.

You can get a free trial of Tailwind through my link.



How long does it take to get followers on Pinterest?

For me, it took about four months after implementing all of these strategies to get to 1,000 followers. It might take you a longer or shorter amount of time to grow your own account.

Now that you know how to get more followers on Pinterest, here are a few other things you can use Pinterest for:

Using Pinterest to grow your traffic: I highly recommend investing in the Pinterest Strategy Guide from Rosemarie Groner of The Busy Budgeter. She uses this strategy to get 500k monthly page views and she earns over $22,000 a month from blogging. After I implemented her super-simple strategy, my page views shot up literally overnight and I went from 6,000 to 14,000 monthly page views in just one month.

Using Pinterest to make affiliate sales: I make a few hundred dollars a month from promoting affiliate products on Pinterest. Any time someone clicks my affiliate link and makes a purchase, I earn a commission. You can read more about my strategy in my ebook Get Paid to Pin.


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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, and at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you purchase through my links. I only recommend products and services that I have personally used and love.


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  1. Wow, what a great round up of tips for growing on Pinterest, thank you. I really appreciate your recommendation of a Pinterest follow plugin for WordPress. I’ll have to check that out.

  2. I love all the tips! These are so great and doing them really does make such a huge difference in numbers on Pinterest and on a blog. Thanks for sharing, you rock!

  3. I love all of your tips some I have implemented already and I grabbed a copy of your ebook because who does not want to get paid to pin . The tips I have not yet tried I will definitely use . Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms because it is very visual and oh so helpful . Loved this article . Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

    • Hi Tachira! So glad to help! I totally agree with you about Pinterest, it’s one of my favorite social media platforms too 🙂

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